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Demos: Dee-signs


Dee will be demonstrating wire crochet:

And Kumihimo with wire:

Demos: Argus Collection

Alison Griffiths of Argus Collection will be demonstrating

Pearl Knotting techniques using a variety of pearls, vintage beads, and semi-precious stones.

She will also be introducing the new Cymbal Elements findings from Greece which are designed to work with today’s most popular beads.


Demos: Gardiner Design

Demos at Gardiner Design

Marilyn will be demonstrating how to make some basic chainmail weaves and then showing how they can be used in a variety of ways: earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

She will also show how they can be combined with beads, links, and other interesting elements.




Demos: BeadFX

BeadFX will have on-going demos for the following techniques:

Kumihimo: Drop by and discover how to create a customized cord for your designs. You can use this ancient Japanese braiding technique with or without beads using a wide variety of fibres – from C-Lon cord to leather to yarn. The possibilities are endless!

Fleegle Beaders: See how this is THE answer to the crochet hook, floss thread and wire methods of adding beads to knitting. This innovative tool comes in three sizes to accommodate different weights of yarn and bead sizes.

Bracelets: Nothing is easier when it comes to making a bracelet! Discover how to use the Elastic Cord Needle to quickly construct your bracelet and then learn the secret to tying a secure knot!

Needlefelting: Paint with fibre! This simple technique uses a felting needle to create a fabric from wool roving. Add details and textures to your creations too.

Resin: Embed your precious mementos in resin and transform them into beautiful jewellery! See how to enhance your creations with colour and other inclusions.

Concrete: Artist’s Concrete gives you new possibilities for your pendants, charms and cabochon designs. See how you can use this relatively new medium!

Endless loom elastic bracelets: See how to kick-up your elastic bracelets using traditional looming techniques. Great for seed beads of all sizes!


Demos: Ms Mussy

Deborah Muss at Ms Mussy Jewels will be demonstrating:

How to wire wrap headpins so you can make quick & easy earrings or create your own unique stitch markers.

Visit my booth to choose from a variety of loose or pre-wrapped headpins and lots of lampwork beads.

Demos: Peyote Dreams

Pamela Kearns at Peyote Dreams will have on-going demos of the following:

Huichol-style Bead Mosaic: Discover an easy yet effective way to create bead mosaic on any firm surface. Great for decor and jewellery designs. See it in action as well as finished items.

Tapestry weaving on a beading loom: Yes, you can weave fabric on a beading loom! Drop by and see the possibilities that are limited only by your imagination!

Demos: Rypan Designs

A Demo by Maria Rypan: Textured Net with Flair

Three sizes of beads add texture and are an excellent tool for learning exactly where to connect the next string of beads. It goes very quickly and has incredible possibilities for any occasion or casual wear. See the transformation when you select different colours and novel beads!

Demos: Yellow Bird Creations

Marilyn will demonstrate how to string beads and combine colours using different beads and findings. She will also demonstrate proper knotting and how to attach pinch bails to a jewellery piece.

The photo shows a Swarovski pendant made with Margarita beads.