Demos: BeadFX

BeadFX will have on-going demos for the following techniques:

Kumihimo: Drop by and discover how to create a customized cord for your designs. You can use this ancient Japanese braiding technique with or without beads using a wide variety of fibres – from C-Lon cord to leather to yarn. The possibilities are endless!

Fleegle Beaders: See how this is THE answer to the crochet hook, floss thread and wire methods of adding beads to knitting. This innovative tool comes in three sizes to accommodate different weights of yarn and bead sizes.

Bracelets: Nothing is easier when it comes to making a bracelet! Discover how to use the Elastic Cord Needle to quickly construct your bracelet and then learn the secret to tying a secure knot!

Needlefelting: Paint with fibre! This simple technique uses a felting needle to create a fabric from wool roving. Add details and textures to your creations too.

Resin: Embed your precious mementos in resin and transform them into beautiful jewellery! See how to enhance your creations with colour and other inclusions.

Concrete: Artist’s Concrete gives you new possibilities for your pendants, charms and cabochon designs. See how you can use this relatively new medium!

Endless loom elastic bracelets: See how to kick-up your elastic bracelets using traditional looming techniques. Great for seed beads of all sizes!