Gordana Brelih: Artist Statement

My Work and Style

Following a successful career in fashion design, I discovered quilting in 2002.  After receiving a strong grounding in traditional quilting, I began experimenting with different techniques.  These experiments cultivated a devotion to all forms of quilting and a love of hand-embellishment, free-motion embroidery, and machine piecing.  I have put hundreds of hours into my work, stitch-by-stitch, adding lustrous threads, beads, fibers and non-traditional materials like paper and metal. My art takes on a life of its own.

Quick sketches or moments of inspiration challenge me to strive for something different.  While new techniques are a welcome challenge, colour is a strong element in my work.  It is one of the key elements in giving my art its aged or antique look.  There is a sense of history with each piece that invites the viewer to take a closer look and see the story that is to be told.

I belong to the international group of artist called Connections Fibre Artists and we exhibit throughout Canada.

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