z Vendor Info: Gentle Force Jewelry


Bringing: Finished Jewelry

About me

I retired early from an unsatisfying corporate job and am now exercising my creative side and dying my hair odd colours.

I love chainmaille as a jewelry medium because it is unisex, durable, complex without being fussy, and challenging to make.

Description of craft

Metal jewelry and decorative items made using chainmaille techniques (linked metal rings). I also make and sell peyote stitch beadwork items.

Prices range from $10 to $200 and I do custom work.

Chainmaille is made by interlinking metal jump rings, using two sets of pliers to open and close each ring individually. The technique is essentially the same as was used historically to make armour, but I work on a much smaller scale using tiny metal rings woven in complex patterns. I make all the pieces myself from copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, niobium and sterling silver.


Permanent location at The Arts Market, 1114 Queen Street East, Toronto.

2018 Shows:
Toronto Pride 2018 weekend. Canada Day with the Folk Arts Council of Toronto in Dundas Square. Academic/education conventions at Ryerson University and Sheraton Richmond Hill. Ad Astra 2018 science fiction convention. Art in the Park with Visual Arts Mississauga. Fresh and Furious 2018 roller derby tournament. Leslieville Beer Festival.